Sunday, January 10, 2010

Television! Revisiting Launch My Line

Yep, I have continued to watch this new Bravo clothing design competition show. It's kind of the TV equivalent of Pringles potato crisps. You know how Pringles can't properly be called "chips"? Well, this can't properly be called "fashion." See that skanky travesty of a disco dress above? Um, it won this week, on the poorly defined avant-garde/wild card/Lady Gaga challenge. It reminded me a wee bit too much of the cover of Hole's CD Live Through This. And when a design reminds you of high heroin era Courtney Love's style, well, that's not something that you put in the plus column.

On the other hand, the more time I spend with Dan and Dean or Dave or Duke, the cartoon gopher designer twins, the more I find myself creepily charmed by them. They do this wonderful bit where they wander through the design room, dropping cryptic hints in their Warner Brothers character voices while crossing their arms identically over their chests and staring with their steely eyes. Listen, movie and TV producers! These guys would make great fashion designing extraterrestrials on some yet to be developed alien invasion project!

Thank goodness Project Runway is coming back this Thursday. Color me stoked.


  1. LOL thanks for the rundown now I don't have to watch!

  2. This Thursday? PR? Really! Yay!!!