Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowhio part three, and desperate times call for, well, you know

Snow poetically dusting the taxus shrub. When I worked for a lawncare company, the joke was that the two things you could always count on in an Ohio landscape were death and. . . taxus.
Yup, that's my street. The dirtier looking bit there.
Out the back door. Kind of pretty, huh? Look at that gray gray sky.
As for desperate measures--yes, you might usually have nothing but disdain for your big, fluffy, not so smart orange brother. However, when it gets really cold, you realize that he puts off a lot of heat.


  1. Hi Laura, wow what a lot of snow you guys are having :)

    My son is flying back to Toledo on Sunday this is going to be his first winter in Ohio, he goes to school in Bowling Green, think he will survive?

    Your cats look cozy :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, (Stay curled up with your buddies :) regards, T.

  2. Uggh snow, looks like where I live! Love the kitties cuddling!

  3. Send some of that snow back to Colorado!

  4. This may be a very strange comment, but... I like that shrub. It's very pretty, even under all that white stuff.

  5. A taxus is some kind of yew shrub. They're really hardy, pretty cheap, and you can trim them into different shapes! I learned a lot in lawncare.