Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Runway! Down on the farm

On last week's episode of Project Runway, we had an absolutely realistic little challenge, an experience well within the realms of what might happen to a fashion designer in their actual careers. Hahahahaha. . . no. It was fun, though. Tim took the designers to a muddy, manure-y farm where their models were dressed in potato sacks. Their mission was to design a dress made from the burlap. On top of that, models picked designers, feelings were hurt and an array of dyes and trims were plucked from bushel baskets. It was a bit trippy.

Here is your winning dress from designer Jay. Lovely, but not my favorite. (Count how many times I say that while blogging about this season.) It's reminiscent of other dresses we've seen on PR episodes past, most notably Suede's (remember Suede?) Natalie Portman dress from Season Whatever. . . um, Season Five. But Jay did a nice job here dyeing the fabric and making a young and flirty dress from some icky stuff. Kudos to him.

And here is your losing. . . garment, from Pamela. To be fair, she also did a good job dyeing the burlap to make it look like acid washed denim from 1984. To be even more fair, if you paired this with a flannel shirt and a pack of Dorals, you could find this girl at the Spitfire Bar up the road from me on a Saturday night shooting pool and drinking MGD. The back of the dress is actually worse, and makes the model's behind look like a parade float. I will spare you that vision.

And speaking of behinds. . . take a look at Ping's dress. Ping! You wacky physical therapist/fashion designer you! You draping the fabric on your own body, and I want the dress to empasize your pelvic movements strangeoid you. Ping! The dress looks like a potato sack! Yes, it does. Only a potato sack slit north of the tootie, so that this poor girl's entire behind is exposed to eyes, elements and internet screen captures that will last for eons. Ping! I forgot, you prefer the word "buttocks." I am loving me some Ping Ping Ping, because this design is bananas.

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  1. I never watch this show and now I don't have to cause just reading your blog tells me all I need to know in the funniest way! LOL!