Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's MAB making?

Yay, it's time for shameless self-promotion! I went to an antique show (okay, actually a flea market) Saturday, and scored some groovy stuff. That groovy stuff turned into groovy jewelry.
These crystals came from a five strand crystal necklace that I bought. Yep, I cut that necklace apart. Terrible of me. But, when it comes to vintage crystals, I will destroy old stuff to make new stuff, kind of like a zombie will destroy people to get at brains. That may be a bad similie. Anyway, I got about 180 crystals from the necklace, all of them yummy. Some are givre crystals, hard to find in vintage. Givre means they have a ribbon of opaque color through them. These have ribbons of milky white and are incredible. I topped them with sweet little lucite bell flowers and gold bead caps from the same necklace.

Bold as Love necklace
I bought dichroic glass pendants at the sale, too. Dichroic glass has glittery metal oxides in it so it sparkles and shines. This heart has copper bits, and it's bright and swirly. I used the givre crystals again, and some firepolished copper vintage crystals, too.
Elsinore necklace
Oh, I love love this one! I found a bag of skeleton keys and some chain at the sale. MAB heaven! This is a Victorian era door key, and the patina on it is wonderful. My mom always says, "You need to clean those up before you use them!" No, no, no, that's the point. I added a trio of dangling shiny bits for some extra sparkle.
Yep, that's a big old bullet shell casing, keeping company with hearts. Our OWLS team challenge is "Love Gone Bad," so I thought a bullet with hearts was apropos. Plus, I feel like such an etsy hipster!
Okay, no I don't. . .


  1. Wow.. you always find such great elements to work with.
    I love the key one... and so glad you didn't clean it too.. that patina is lovely! ;)

  2. That heart necklace is amazing! Well everything you make is but, Oh be still my heart, love it!

  3. The snowbell earrings, gorgeous :)

    I know what you mean about breaking up vintage, I sometimes stress that kind of thing but I usually have a stiff drinkie and I get over it :)

    Have a wonderful day, T.

  4. Excellent work Miss MAB! :)

  5. seriously MAB-one is better than the next. Really nice score at that flea market! (of course you scored well for me there too!)

  6. ohhhh...the snowbell earrings & the elsinore necklace- my favorites!

  7. lol @ T's method of hacking apart old jewelry

    Those are lovely pieces - I especially love the key and the bullet necklaces. Really unique!! That photo of the key looks really great against the books too.