Friday, February 19, 2010

Clay Aiken explained, and more on Johnny Weir

Hi, there, loyal readers. I had an anonymous response to my last blog posting, where I mentioned that this Olympic skating outfit was "very Clay Aiken." The anonymous poster wondered if I'd ever even seen Clay Aiken.

Here's the thing. I'm not one of those people who likes to go around offending or upsetting others. I'm not on the internet to be controversial or pick fights with others or be nasty for no apparent reason. I'm not confrontational, and I believe we're all on this planet to look out for one another. So I thought I'd take a second to explain why this outfit reminded me of Clay Aiken.

I have seen Clay Aiken. I don't know much about him, because I don't watch American Idol, and honestly he doesn't sing my kind of music. Whenever I've seen him interviewed, he seems like a genuine, lovely, talented guy with a fabulous sense of humor. Somewhere in my mental files, I had put away an image of Clay Aiken in a vest. When I saw the skater's vest, it reminded me of Clay Aiken. If you Google Clay Aiken, you can find many images of him wearing vests. So, when I saw the guy skating in the vest, I thought, Hey, that reminds me of Clay Aiken. That's about as far as it went. So, I apologize if my Clay Aiken reference was offensive. It was all about the vest. And Clay Aiken seems to like to wear vests.

On to Johnny Weir, pictured here in his rosy crown of thorns. I didn't see much of the men's figure skating last night, but I did turn it on in time to see Johnny skate. According to the experts, his routine was not challenging enough to earn him a high enough score to win a medal. I don't really follow figure skating. All I can say is that he performed with such heart and soul and grace that I was truly touched by his performance. It was a beautiful few minutes, and he has gained a fan. He came in sixth place.

Here is a quote from Johnny:

"You must always be yourself. . . take no prisoners. And you can't care what anyone else thinks. So even when I was little I was playing on a soccer team and running the complete opposite way pretending to be a zebra, an ostrich or something. So I have always been like this."

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  1. Oh Laura, anonymous just needs to get to know you, you have a wonderful sense of humour :)

    And anyone named "anonymous" needs a sense of humour :)

    Have a good weekend, T.