Saturday, February 20, 2010

My favorite etsy artists, claudiavarosio

David Bowie paper dolls. Seriously. Does it get any cooler than David Bowie paper dolls?
Yes, actually it does get cooler. Clint Eastwood paper dolls, people. That's some genius right there. You know you want to buy both, just to put Bowie's wig on Eastwood, don't you?
Okay, they're prints, and you probably don't want to take the scissors to them, but I can't help wanting to see what these two dudes would look like cross-dressed, so to speak.
Claudia Varosio's etsy shop is so full of fun and magic, it was hard to pick just a few of her listings for this post. Her work is graphic, bright and witty. You all know what a movie freak I am, and she has created so many whimsical and wonderful new posters inspired by classic films. This one for my favorite silent movie, Pandora's Box, featuring one of my personal heros, Louise Brooks, is just fab. Louise is such a visual cultural icon, and this poster celebrates the beautiful simplicity of a timeless vixen. Oh, and everyone should check out the movie if you haven't seen it.

Take a look at this Psycho poster. Mother would be proud. That house is one of the most instantly recognizeable sets in all of moviedom. Again, Claudia takes an iconic film image and makes it her own.

This is my favorite of her posters, for the movie Rushmore. Such a quirky, smart movie, perfectly captured with this graphic, clean image. I'm so impressed with the way Claudia is inpsired by works of art to create unique views of them.
Like this postcard movie poster for Taxi Driver, with the cab looming out of the darkness. She summarizes the movie with her incredible, modern image.

And for those of you who are part of the Vespa cult, Vespa no1 print is for you. Doesn't it remind you of a fantastic vintage advertisement? The colors are wonderful, the lines are great, it's pop culture reference at its finest. I'm in love.
Her shop is full of charm and humor. And paper dolls. Wander on over and prepare to smile.

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