Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project Runway! This post isn't really about Project Runway!

Okay, I was going to do a Project Runway post this morning, with pictures and such, about last week's episode. In the process of looking for pictures, I found something so much more entertaining. First, your PR rundown: They had to make clothes for little girls. In a not so surprising surprise twist, they had to make a corresponding Mom sort of outfit. Some designers were completely flabbergasted by this process. Seth Aaron, the punkie kinda dude, won with a great duo of outfits, using black and white. He deserved the win, and he seems so gosh darn likeable and talented. The crying girl, Jeaneane, went home. The bell has been tolling for her through the past few challenges, so this wasn't so surprising either. I'm still not sure who the final three might be, but I'm thinking Seth and Jay might be in there.
Okay, now to crazytown! The following photos are from Isabel Mastache's Fall 2010 show from Fashion Week. These are men's clothes, by the way. For men. They put the whack in whackadoodle, don't they? Imagine what Michael Kors or Nina Garcia would say if any one of these garments walked the runway on Project Runway! It's a fun game!
"A baby necklace with a tail? We question your taste level."
"These aren't clothes. These are origamical disasters."
"He looks like a needle felted Easter Bunny from the Sex Offenders registry."
"Clam head with oven mitts? Who would wear that? And how would they ever eat soup?"
"It looks like hallucinating Incans dressed him."
"How would you ever get that hat in a cab? And what does Sinatra have to do with all of this?"
"It looks like. . . Basement Chickie."
Ah, that was fun. . .


  1. ROTFFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! Ah whackadoodle says it all!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!! Ha ha, I can't help it. This is ridiculous. Talk about trying way tooooooooo hard. Actually, some of these are quite scary--especially that weird baby necklace thing. Ack!

  3. Those are all AWFUL. I have always wanted them to have to design children s clothing for a challenge on PR. I loved Seth's adult outfit and thought the kids outfit was cute too! Totally deserved to win and the girl from Portland was really annoying.

  4. I love your descriptions!
    *wipes tear from eye*

  5. That was what I needed. A good laugh.

  6. OMG, that's ridiculous! I wonder what the models were thinking wearing these "outfits"?!

  7. I love the black thing, and if it was a sweater that came to the waist, without the hood, I would wear it. I love looking at these bizarre things. I don't care what fashion's best says about them. This OBVIOUSLY isn't fashion, you know? I think it says a lot about what men are and aren't supposed to be? Thats what I get from the collection.

  8. I love. . . the unexpected when it's still recognizeable and appealing on some level. It doesn't have to be wearable, or even clothing, and this certainly has visual impact. I'm just not sure it appeals to me at all in a positive way, Opulent. I just looked at it again, and there doesn't seem to be a single coherent thread or message to me. Maybe I'm just missing the point. Heaven knows, I often do. But thanks for giving me something to think about.