Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need beads? Check out AllOverthePage on etsy

I love beads. I love beads to the point of religious ecstasy, actually. New beads spark new ideas, which then spark new jewelry. This is the key to my version of joy. So, I thought I'd take a sec to profile one of my favorite etsy bead shops, AllOverthePage. A gorgeous shop run by an absolute sweetheart, she has a great variety of beads and findings at terrific prices. I've been thinking that I need to add more stones to my jewelry line. Isn't this amethyst druzy drool-worthy? Great color and sparkle.

I've bought a lot of glass beads and crystals from AllOverthePage and the quality of everything I've received has been amazing. All of the jewelry I make from beads I bought at her shop turns out beautifully. I love these Czech glass rondelles in such a yummy turquoise color with Picasso treated edges.

And vintage? Yes, she has vintage! Vintage beads and other delicious stuff, like these amazing celluloid cabs with orange roses. They look like rich cupcake decorations. Ahhhhh, I love them.

A lot of jewelry designers are strange and secretive when it comes to sharing their sources, but I know that everyone reading this could buy the same three batches of beads and make entirely different stuff from them. Plus, AllOverthePage has been so generous and wonderful, I had to give her a shout out. Check out her inspirational shop. And her shipping is uber fast, did I mention that?
Just don't order all the stuff I want, okay?


  1. Pretty beads! I especially love those orange roses--never see anything like 'em. Well, you know I'm not much of a bead lady, so rest assured ;) Your bead obsession is really neat--I don't think I've found a material that makes me that excited...yet.

  2. Some beautiful stuff! I'm hopping on over to check out AllOverThePage!

  3. Beads are so much fun... although I always have to avoid the bead store when I with my hubby, he doesn't get as exited. ;)