Friday, February 26, 2010


Fun shopping facts from this month's Allure magazine:

$46,532.00 Amount Levi Strauss & Co. paid in a 2001 auction for a pair of Levi's found in a Nebraska mining town and estimated to be from the 1880s.

400 Approximate number of pairs of gloves bought by Mary Todd Lincoln in four months.

1977 Year the character Annie Hall wondered how she'd stand up to torture and was told by Woody Allen's character Alvy Singer, "The Gestapo would take away your Bloomingdale's charge card, and you'd tell them everything."

$199.00 Price paid for a $10,000.00 wedding dress at the downtown Boston Filene's Basement in 1997, during its annual Running of the Brides event.

5 Percentage of shoppers addicted to the activity, according to a 2007 study.

25,184 Number of hours (plus 53 minutes) the average British woman will shop for clothing, accessories, and cosmetics over a period of 63 years.

Over $1 million The value of counterfeit Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Rolex, and Coach goods that were seized in a 2008 raid in New York city's Chinatown.

40 million Number of shoppers a year at the Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minnesota.

14.4 Average number of hours Amercan employees admitted they would spend doing online holiday shopping at the office in 2009.


  1. You always find such fun things to share with us :)

    400 pairs of gloves, I think it must have been xmas prezzies :)

    Have a great weekend,

    tell that snow to go away,T.

  2. You have a plethora of shopping tidbits!!!

  3. I'm only an hour away from the Mall of America, but I'm rarely one of 40 mill! Love your factoids!

  4. I think Mary Todd Lincoln had some issues, didn't she?