Monday, March 22, 2010

MAB Studios: Highlight on the shipping and receiving department

Today, I'm going to shine the spotlight on MAB Studio's shipping and receiving department. This is Gus, the shipping and receiving supervisor.
When an order comes in, we are roused from our catnap with great excitement and joy!
We then spring into action to retrieve the sold item and package it carefully with fluffy love.
From there, we double check the accuracy of all shipping information before finalizing the shipping process and getting the package ready for its trip to the post office.

After the procedure is complete, we're pretty much exhausted. Time to begin a brand new catnap, but with one eye open for the next shipping opportunity.
Receiving pretty much works the same way, only in reverse.
Today, we barely averted a crisis when a piece of box tape got stuck in our belly fluff. Luckily, I was able to remove the tape quickly before hysterical galloping around the apartment in an attempt to outrun the tape ensued.
We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse inside the complicated inner workings at MAB Studios. Have some nip nip on us. Only after business hours, though. We have a zero tolerance policy here.


  1. so cute. but, are you paying your help enough? because in the first picture the expression is the same one our disgruntled mail clerk has at the local post office.

    Jo Ann pottery123

  2. They have a little kitten union.

  3. Gus is one very thorough and helpful supervisor!

  4. I just wish I could convince our cats to work for the shop. I think I'll make them read about Gus. :)

  5. I bet nothing gets by Gus, too cute :) T.

  6. Damn! I knew I should have gone with cats!

  7. Oh, so sweet! A feline helper is the best.

    btw - I'm now addicted to that darm owl cam!