Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project Runway! Bite the Big Apple

Last week, on Project Runway, the designers were paired up in teams of two to create complimentary looks inspired by different neighborhoods in New York City. Now, I have to confess something here. I'm starting to experience some Project Runway burnout. Didn't they already do an "inspired by the magic of New York" challenge this year? It seems like it. Or I'm confusing it with other seasons and other inspirations. Anyhooo, Seth Aaron and Emilio both won, a historic moment in Project Runway, the first double win ever. Seth Aaron made this groovy little denim outfit here. The jacket is interesting, although a little bit over designed. The back has pointy tails that I kind of love. The jeans seem to fit a little strangely though, and that hat reminds me of something from very early The Jackson 5. However, I'm still loving Seth Aaron. He has a strong point of view. I can recognize a singularity of vision in all that he designs, yet he offers enough variety to keep me interested. He should make final three and do great things with his collection.

On the other hand, I have not grown as fond of Emilio as the season has progressed. He made a couple of interesting garments early on, but this dress really offers nothing we haven't seen before, right? Yes, it's denim and it has a zipper, but I swear we've seen this on Mariah Carey at some point during this year's award season. Plus, he talks a whole heck of a lot of smack about everyone else in the workroom for no apparent reason. He should have been out after the hardware store challenge, when he constructed that bizzaro bubblegum and metal, stringy bikini catastrophe.
And here is your losing outfit from Amy. Man, I don't even know what to say here. It reminds me of maternity outfits that you see on old sitcoms like Bewitched or The Dick van Dyke show, paired with an Eighties style black capri length legging. Bunchy, weird and unflattering. Amy has some great ideas, but they've led her astray several times (please see the clown fish pants from the kids challenge). Also, she sometimes gets wacky with color and print all folded and twisteded up in a way that's not so flattering. I can't get past these leggings. You can buy these leggings at Wal-Mart. Wow.

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  1. I am loving Seth Aaron. I have never seen anything on project runway that I wanted before he was on the show.

    I like some of amy's color choices, but wonder if they look different on the runway than on tv.