Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My favorite etsy artists, pointblankdesign

Let me introduce you to the vibrant and lively art from Sara's etsy shop, pointblankdesign. Music, monsters and girls with guns! This shop has it all. My favorite piece of hers is this portrait of Woody Guthrie, This Machine Kills Fascists. Woody painted that phrase on his battered acoustic guitar, because he firmly believed that his music could change the world. That's why Woody is one of my lifelong heroes, and why I love this print so. The piece captures that strength of art, character and belief so well.

If you're in the mood for monsters, my favorite is Lon Chaney as The Phantom of the Opera. Chaney was another one of those fully committed, amazing artists. What he did with just his face and his movements in silent movies was more convincingly frightening than 97% of the horror movies made today with outlandish CGI effects. Sara's profile says that she loves breathing life into familiar images. With her use of modern color and composition here, she takes an iconic horror film character and electrifies it. Gloriously ghoulish.

Shooter has a girl and a really big handgun. I love the contrast of the feminine bubblegum pink aura surrounding the strong and fairly violent female figure. Sara uses stencils in her work, along with bright acrylics and spray paint. The combination here gives you the clean, graphic lines and attention-grabbing hues of an advertising poster, combined with an unsettling image. She doesn't call the shop pointblankdesign for nothing, people.
Let's wrap up with Bob Dylan. Why? Because it's my blog, and I like to get Bobby in here as often as possible. This terrific portrait gives me one more excuse. There's a graffiti element to this piece that I love, along with the white mist coming off Dylan like an electric charge.
Take a tap dance through Sara's shop. Frankenstein is there with his bride, along with the coolest Miles Davis, the most volatile Sid Vicious, and the swankiest Rat Pack. What a cornucopia of brightly colored fab.


  1. Love those.. they are so bold and graphic. My fave is the Shooter Girl... a good balance between pretty colours and an in- your- face image.