Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gus is studying for his CATs

He really wants to get into an Ivy League Feline school.
So, he's been working on his vocabulary.
It's amazing the amount of dedication and work that he's put into. . .
Okay, Gus isn't studying. Sometimes, Gus doesn't even know who I am, and I feed him twice a day and brush out his tangled fluff knots, but aren't these the cutest cat pictures of all time?
Honestly. If he got any cuter, the world would cease its spinning.


  1. holy crap... he's the spitting image of my first cat! So cute! I miss him and his furry orange toes.

    I will send you pics soon.... on the thread maybe... ~42things

  2. Your Gus is a handsome feller! Looks like a long haired version of my Saki.

    I had a kitty named Gus, but it was a She. Full name, Lady Gusty Rose of Ghostly. In short.. Gus or Gussy. pure white, blue eyes and a anti social attitude. But I loved her..

  3. who needs smart when you're that cute?

  4. He's such a massive fur-bundle! I just want to kiss his sweet face!

  5. He has a bit of a sly puss in boots like about him doesn't he? Such a sweetie.

  6. Aha, see, Gus doesn't need to be book-smart... he's mastered the basics of the CATs by getting his adoring slaves to do whatever he wants and not having to really acknowledge their existence. Next step: strategic positioning of hairballs...