Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project Runway! The Finale!

Yay for Jimmy Neutron. . . um, Seth Aaron. As soon as I saw the three collections at the finale, I was 99% sure he had it. What a nice guy, and what fabulous clothes. I've loved him since the start of the season. So, here are my four favorite looks from his show. They are yummy, yes?
A flowy parachute dress with patent leggings.

An unbelievably hot yellow plaid coat. Dangit, I love this coat.

A fab combo of tweed, polka dots and stripes, with a floof of shiny. Floof of shiny is a technical designing term.

How groovy is this coat? Seriously. I want this coat. I know, it's almost May, but I still want this coat!
So, to sum up Season 7: Much better than Seasons 5 and 6, not as good as Seasons 1-4. Sometimes, the judges seemed to be hitting the pipe, and I know I complained occasionally, but I so still love the show. And I love Seth Aaron. Let's hope he turns this win into an absolutely amazing career.
I'd like to see a PR reunion/design off of all of the people cut first and second in every season. Wouldn't that be fun? They're the ones we never saw much from, and they could be incredible designers who just bungled one challenge.

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