Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Team Bacon! has the coolest blog on the block

Check it out, my friends! Team Bacon! (yes, Bacon! with an exclamation point) has a tasty, active, informative little blog, Six Degrees of Etsy Bacon. What kind of yumminess can you expect when you visit?
1. An interview with the charming and articulate Etsy forum moderator admin cool dude, Rob White.
2. Regular groovy giveaways of fantastic artistic magical stuff.
4. And, of course, bacon related recipes.
And more more more! This blog truly has it all. Informative, entertaining, and full of such lovely, talented Etsians. Drop by, taste the Bacon! and leave a note.


  1. It is a most awesome team & a delicious blog to boot!

  2. Did you know that I am a proud member now too?!?!