Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inside MAB Studios! My memo/inspiration board

Okay, it doesn't actually have any memos on it. It's crammed full of little bitty paper stuff that I love.
Let's see: Antique postcards of France, feathers I've found, tiny turkeys, kitty cards, an old Valentine, pictures of me as a baby.
Holly GoLightly, a picture of my Great Dane in Florida, weird postage stamps from China, fortune cookie slips, business cards from my favorite Etsy sellers. That's my mama with the perfect Sassoon haircut, by the way. Fierce.

It's just a big collection of color, memories and images that I love. And plastic lobsters.


  1. I love the mix in the inspiration board. i like collecting random photos and pics and ephemera too. ;)

  2. I love this collage of life-so cool and you're mama can rock a 'do!

  3. I really enjoy seeing other people's inspirations and studios! I love the vintage cat card with them all lined up in a row. :) Thanks for sharing!