Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Runway! Clown clothes

This is where you can curse my way too accurate with useless info memory. At least twice this season, Tim Gunn has (rightfully, I might add) warned designers against creating "clown clothes." Now we find out, this may have all been clever foreshadowing for last week's challenge: Make a garment inspired by Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey's Circus. Yay, clown clothes! Here is your winner, Emilio again. He deserved this one. It's a gorgeous dress, especially in comparison to what every other designer in the room made--strange mixtures of circus tents, Michael Jackson, and umwhathuh? Emilio's dress was gorgeously made, especially that bit at the waist where he sewed the stripes so that the white disappeared. He may end up winning the whole thing, whether we like him or not. I'm still pulling for Sweet Boy Seth Aaron.
And here is your losing look, created by Anthony, who was aufed a second time. This dress is a weird cross between Star Trek and Diana Ross circa 1981. I don't see a smidge of circus in it. As I said the first time Anthony was eliminated, he seems like a sweet and entertaining guy, and he has made some lovely garments. However, he's not good at adapting his style to these more unusual challenges.
Two designers were supposed to be eliminated on this episode. I was so shocked when the judges chose not to decide between Mila and Jay for the second aufing, and decided instead to advance four designers to the finals, with some sort of Design Off between Jay and Mila. Okay, I wasn't shocked at all. I was shocked the first time they did it in Season Three with Jeffrey and Michael, less shocked in Season Four with Chris March and Rami, and mildly aggravated in Season Five when it resulted in Jarrell not being in the final three. Now, it just looks like the judges can't make a decision and don't know what they're doing.
So, your final three are Seth Aaron, Emilio and either Mila or Jay. Unless they decide to bring Ping back for some reason. I hope they have to design a sheep suit or something as a surprise Bryant Park challenge next week. Make a wedding dress out of mulch. Make a hat inspired by Willie Nelson songs. Make a pair of flip flops that shoots confetti. Something.
Oh, and if you ever get a chance, visit the Ringling Brothers home the next time you're in Florida. It's a cool place.


  1. I desperately want this dress in a petite and for very little money. SO fab. And why is Mila still there?!?! Is it merely because she's a woman and this is Lifetime, I wonder?

  2. I don't watch this show myself but LOVE to read your comments about it! You are some kind of awesome!