Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inside MAB Studios! Working on our spring line

Here at MAB Studios, we are currently working on fresh new designs for spring. Sometimes, this requires us to look burly and a bit cranky. All of that creativity can take its toll, but it's well worth it. That creativity is our reason for living.

We look to the future for upcoming trends and inspiration. We know what fads of today will become tomorrow's classics.

We have our fingers (and paws) on the pulse of tradition and fashion. Nothing escapes our razor like gaze. Countless factors go into our designs, assuring that MAB Jewelry will stand through the ages, as wearable and relevant a century from now as they are this morning.

We focus not only on the designs themselves, but on the presentation of those designs. No detail is left unchecked. We go the extra mile to bring you high quality jewelry at low prices, created and packaged with love and joy.

Each of us expresses our joy in our own unique manner. Sometimes it can look like disdain or even disgust, but don't be confused. This is a face of joy. Yes. Absolute joy.

Where is Gus's head?! Oh, my word, Gus has no head! He has disappeared! He's lost! Someone help Gus!
Okay, his head is just hidden. He found it again. All is well. Don't call OSHA.
Another crisis gracefully and professionally averted at MAB Studios. Your place for quality, one of a kind jewelry.


  1. You are so goofy! I love your kitties! ;0)

  2. hahahahaha
    Your creative department looks hard at work as usual MAB.