Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TV! Lost

So, Lost, the coolest show on television, is now winding down. I promised not to recap anything, because there are several sites that do such a bang up job of that. However, can I just say that the writers of the series have an awful lot of things to clarify and resolve before they hang this shebang up for good on May 23rd.

No matter how this baby winds up, this show has definitely been more of an engaging experience than a diversion. And I have never been so surprised by a TV show so often six years into it. Why do I get the feeling that when last scene ends, I will curse in surprise, and then immediately start watching the DVDs, looking for clues that might have led the storyline to the conclusion?

For those of you who watch it, do you think there's any way they can answer whatever questions you want answered before they close it down? And who do you hope makes it out alive? Because I don't think many characters are going to be left standing.

I'm going to miss this wacky old show.

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  1. I haven't seen yesterday's episode yet so I'm a little behind, but some of the things I want answered I've heard won't be... like I read somewhere that the only explanation for the numbers is that they correspond to the candidates in the cave, and that's it. It just doesn't seem enough. And the skeletons in the cave back from the first season? I want to know about that, even though it seems like it may be insignificant.

    I really wonder who's going to stay alive now. With this weird alternate timeline, I wouldn't put it past them to kill everyone in the original timeline and do something with the alternate one.

    (so true about clue-scouring though... I'm on Lostpedia immediately after each episode looking for all the links... what a nerd!)