Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost finale!

WARNING! I never wrote a blog post with a warning before. This is pretty exciting. Do not read this if you have not watched the finale of Lost. There's all kinds of stuff in here that will ruin the finale for you, and I would never ever want to do that.
Yay moments and notes from the finale of Lost:
Jack's face framed by the skull ghost image in an x-ray! Gorgeous shot.
Vincent, Rose and Bernard sighting!
Frank is alive! Richard is alive!
Why doesn't Jack take a second to heal Kate's gunshot wound before they start trekking off?
Terry O'Quinn is an absolute acting God!
Sun and Jin remembering made me cry! And then they spoke English!
Jack saying to pre-op Locke in the Alternate Timeline, "Of course, I could kill you," as a joke!
Everytime they looked down into the Golden Cave of Eternal Whatever, I got the giddiest Indiana Jones feeling!
The Target Lost-themed ads were amazingly funny, especially the Smokey and smoke detector commercial.
Shannon and Sayid reunion made me cry!
Charlie and Claire reunion made me cry!
FLocke and Jack running at each other in battle like a couple of psycho ninja homicide warriors on the top of a mountain in the pouring rain!
No Eko. He wanted five times what the other guest stars were getting paid, from what I've read. Oh, Eko. I loved your character, but that is so wrong.
Post-op Locke moving his feet and remembering!
Locke's line, "I hope somebody does for you what you just did for me."
Sawyer and Juliet reunion made me cry!
Hurley is the island's protector, not Jack, at the close of the show! My nephew owes me five bucks on that one!
Lapidus gets the plane off the ground, against all odds!
Oh, Ben, not ready to go into the church!
Michael Emerson is an acting God!
Christian's coffin is empty. . . again!
Holy shit, they're all dead!
Jack falls in the grass where the show started, and Vincent lies down next to him, making me cry!
Suffice to say, I have never cried so much over a TV show in my life. It seems that a lot of people are not happy with this ending. I could not be happier.
In the end, this show wasn't about the island, or mysteries, or conspiracies, or smoke monsters, or century-old feuds between demi-gods.
In the end, this show was about these characters who we have learned to know and to love, and how they finally reach peace and joy, with the people they love.
So, in the end, I'm willing to let go of the confusion and revel in the fact that Lost comes down to one singular fact that is an incredible thought: Love is all you need, and, in the end, love will be there, waiting for you.
My word, what a show.

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  1. OMG. The finale was AMAZING! I cried too. Several times. And I liked the finale, and I'm glad they were all able to let go and move on (to heaven).
    Gonna miss that show . . .