Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy, Insane, Absolutely Wacky Etsyversary Sale at MAB!

Hello, loyal and lovely readers! June 7th is my Etsyversary, one year since I first opened my Etsy shop. Since then, I have cursed at my camera, made a whole lot of jewelry, lingered way too long in the Forums, and met some of the greatest people on Earth. My jewelry has travelled to Sweden, France and. . . Kansas. I've learned a lot and laughed even more. So, to celebrate, I'm having a ginormous, huge-mongous, big old bippy of a sale. How big? 50% off! Yes, half off. BIG. Wackadoodle big. That includes everything in the MABjewelry shop. Even the stuff already marked down in my aptly named Marked Down section. The sale runs through next Friday, June 11th. I can either refund your Paypal account after payment, send you a revised Paypal invoice after checkout but before you pay (I have done this once in my life, but I think I can recreate the experience), or you can convo me before putting something in your cart, and I can change the price before you checkout on Etsy. And my shipping is always free. I know. I'm insane. But cheery.

As if that weren't enough to get you all giddy and giggly and ready to buy some new stuff for the summer, my uber-talented, ulitmately cool friend Gini over at HappyKATT is having a nutso clearance sale. Nothing over $20.00! Seriously. She has gorgeous bags and cozies and knitted yummies just waiting for you. I am so getting me a purse, people! Her etsyversary is June 5th, so we would share the same Etsy sign and horoscope. . . if there were such a thing.
Hmm. . . note to self. Invent etsyversary horoscopes.
My shop: MABjewelry
Gini's shop: HappyKATT
Now, go forth and shop. You deserve a pretty present. I can just tell.

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  1. Wow, only one year?? Congrats on all your success, and wishing you tons more!