Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dress inspired jewelry, part two

On a previous episode of MAB's blog, I listed the ten most influential dresses in Western Civilization over the past fifty years. I decided to make jewelry inspired by these dresses, because I'm always on the prowl (rawr) for new and fun inspirations. So, here are two more, fresh from the bead board!

Here's a long Celtic cross necklace with yummy black and clear crystals, inspired by one of the icons of my youth, Madonna, shown here in her Like a Virgin dress. "Can't you feel my heart beat. . . for the very first time?"

And here's a dainty little woven bracelet, with vintage glass white pearls and peacock green Delica beads to go with Jackie's Oleg Cassini togs. I love the word "togs," but I don't get to use it very often. This bracelet pattern may be well-known, but I just sort of came up with it one night when I was trying a different method to my beading madness. You know, I think Jackie would have liked it. She wore some costume jewelry in her day, and wasn't she always just flawless?


  1. Blogspot and I have fought and fought over layout, and it still looks like I was drunk when I put this together. I swear, I am sober and not five years old.

  2. Hey Laura, your pieces are amazing, you captured their essence really well :)

    And the lay out is fine (for a five year old) (jk)

    It looks great, really it does, :) T.