Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gus is taking Etsy by storm!

Lovely Patty over at catcalls whipped up some snakey cat toys for me. They were supposed to be for Franklin, but Gus is the real cat toy lover in the family. Franklin prefers playing with algorithms and world domination plans. So now Gus is the offical spokesmodel for the snakey catnip mouse toy!
He's so blonde and beautiful, with his speckled lips! America's Next Top Cat Model, I tell you. Check out catcalls shop for all kinds of kitteny goodness.

Then, the warm, sweet, and oh so talented moonstr did this fantabulous Gus portrait! Yes, he's upside down again, and reading The Book of Gus. Yes, The Book of Gus is a coloring book with very little text. Okay, there's no text, but it's quite colorful and jam packed with fluffy love. Check out moonstr's shop too. She's amazingly talented, and has such a fresh, innovative, bright outlook on the world. Plus, she's my buddy.
Soon, the entire site will be called. . . Gustsy.


  1. I love it...thanks so much! Gus is really a ham isn't he?! Now going to check out moonstr's shop!

  2. Gus is a beautiful kitteh!

  3. He is SUCH a ham anymore! Whever I get out the camera, he starts doing little poses and smiling with his eyes!

  4. So adorable!!

    Kitties are born clowns.


  5. Supermodels everywhere watch out, GUS is on the move, Adorable, :) T.

  6. Love this feature! Gus is adorable and Patty at Catcalls is phenomenal! Moonstr's portrait is great, too! God Bless~

  7. Aww, so many Me-wow! items. Sasha really likes the snakey catnip mouse toy. Wondering if there is a dognip one. heehee.