Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bat Boy!

I was going to blog today about how Roy Rogers' stuffed horse Trigger is up for sale. Then, I got distracted by pictures of Bat Boy. I had completely forgotten about Bat Boy, and was so overjoyed to see his adorable little face there on the interwebz.

Bay Boy is a (perhaps) fictional character, a human and bat hybrid, who used to appear regularly on the cover of the Weekly World News tabloid paper, debuting in 1992. So, when you were standing patiently in line at Kroger or the supermarket of your choice, looking around with dazed and glazed eyes trying to remember what you needed that you forgot, there was Bat Boy to keep you company.

Kind of like Barbie, Bat Boy went on many exciting adventures--high speed chases, trips to different countries where he was sighted--he may have even been photographed on Mars by some high powered intergalactic telescope. He attacked school children in Florida, rode on top of a New York subway and endorsed Al Gore for president. Maybe he's sensitive about global warming because he grew up in a cave in West Virginia and has a soft place in his bat heart for the natural world. At one point, he even joined the Marines to take part in the US war against terrorism. Bat Boy is a patriot.

Sadly, the Weekly World News is no longer published in hard copy paper form, but it has an internet site, full of Bat Boy news. Also, Bat Boy had his own off-Broadway musical for awhile. No, really. See, I'm not the only one with a fondness for the little fanged fellow. Long live Bat Boy!


  1. Hey, thanks for that. I wouldn'a known if I hadn't read it here. Thanks : )