Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Etsy news: The Etsy mature listings filter, part two

Dear readers,

This topic is garnering a lot of heat on Etsy, and the amazing Etsy community is doing what it can to both get answers and to keep you informed.

Monday, Etsy placed a filter on every single buyer and seller account with no notice, immediately filtering all treasuries marked "mature." Eventually, the belief is that this filter will expand to include all mature listings in a general search. Already, the filter is affecting those mature sellers who are following the rules. If it expands as it is currently engineered, it will essentially make all of those sellers invisible to almost all buyers. Please see my previous post for other details.

To turn off or disable your filter, go to Your Etsy, Account Info, and about midway down the screen you'll see the option to turn off the filter. Admin says this is an experiment to see how many people will deactive the filter, so your deactivation counts in their statistics.

Here is the Etsy admin thread discussing the filter.

And here is an online petition you can sign if you disagree with the filter or the way the filter was placed on accounts with no warning beforehand. The petition also includes additional information. You may get a Paypal prompt after signing, but you do not have to pay. Those payments are to support the hosting site. If you reach the payment screen, your signature has been recorded, and you have signed the petition and can close the window.

Etsy owns the business, but we are their primary customers, both as consistent buyers and as sellers who pay fees. Our opinions matter. Spread the word and support your fellow sellers.