Monday, July 12, 2010

Etsy news: A mature filter has been placed on your account

Etsy placed a mature listings filter on all accounts today without prior notification. This filter will presently block all treasuries featuring a listing that is tagged as mature. In the future, this filter may expand to also block mature listings in a search. Admin states that this is currently an experiment to see how many accounts deactivate this filter so that they then can decide if this is what the majority of their account holders want.

In order to deactivate your filter, in your Etsy screen:
Go to "Your Etsy" in the toolbar at the top of the page.
Go to "Account Info" in the sidebar. It has an icon with gold keys next to it.
There is a field that says "Settings." In this field, click "disable content filtering."
Your filter will then be turned off.

I have several problems with this filter, but the main one is that it was put in place without any knowledge beforehand. The only announcement made was in a Forum thread that most buyers and many sellers will ever see. Therefore, the possibilities for censorship here are pretty much endless.

As outlandish as this sounds, what if they decided to do the same thing with all listings tagged "brown" tomorrow. Or, to make it more controversial, marked "religious" or "Christian"? Or "owl" or "cowl"?

Many of the successful mature sellers have been here since Etsy was founded and helped build this site. These are the sellers who know and are following the rules, and these are the sellers who will be penalized and ultimately lose their business if this type of censorship continues. Please spread the word about this.

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  1. I had no idea, thank you for sharing! I just turned my filter off. As an Etsy seller, I'm also very bothered by this.