Saturday, July 31, 2010

TV! Work of Art

Sigh. Yes, sigh. So predictable. So silly. This show is making me yell. I'm an interactive TV watcher in general, but this is bringing out the ranting bad, bad MAB. The one who says incredibly bad words in multisyllabic strings. I think I'm still watching it just to have an excuse to yell for no real reason. Kind of like primal scream therapy.
This week's challenge found our remaining artistestants splitting into pairs to create art based on opposing big philosopical ideas. The two pieces were also supposed to be coherent together. Above are your two winners, Naked Girl and Faux OCD Guy. She painted a naked self-portrait involving a solo sexual act to illustrate women in control. Really? Seriously? Ugh. But only after Faux OCD Guy told her that's what she ought to do. Because that's how women gain control, by asking men what they ought to do, and then getting naked. Again. Sigh. Faux created another Wood Shop Sophomore Year Last Period piece, walls with holes punched in them to illustrate the violence of men losing control. How clever. Oh, he painted a wall with tar, for no apparent reason.
Mark the photography guy went home. For doing a naked self portrait. Because he isn't Barbie or Ken. He was also manipulated into doing this by Peregrine, the My Little Pony chick. In judging, she absolutely sold him out, triggering more irrational yelling.
I took a lot of creative writing classes in college, and sat through hours and hours of terrible criticism from people who didn't know what they were talking about, on top of reading hundreds of truly bad poems. This show is causing me to have Poetry Workshop flashbacks.
Faux OCD guy is going to win it. I need to Google cursewords, because I'm running out of fresh ones.


  1. Google "cursewords"! LOVE IT! Love your wit, MAB! Thanks for the early morning humor. I love to read your reviews of shows, even tho I don't have cable and haven't seen them. I think I prefer your condensed version, anyway!