Sunday, August 1, 2010

TV! On the Road with Austin and Santino

I was so prepared to hate this show, I really was. Austin and Santino together? Driving across the country to help people? Austin is a cross between Doris Day and Truman Capote, and Santino can come off as such an abrasive fellow. They seem so mismatched that I was sure this would end up being a trainwreck. I remember both fondly from their Project Runway days, though, so how could I not watch?

This show is a pleasant surprise, and worth catching if you love either these two designers or makeover shows in general. This week, the dynamic designing duo travelled to Texas to makeover rodeo cowgirl queen Sadie Lynn. The fun is seeing Austin and Santino shopping in a country general store for red gingham or learning trick riding on a rodeo horse. The fun is also seeing them co-design a garment for a lady's special occasion. I'm a sucker for a makeover.

I didn't yell once, and that's saying something. You can catch it on Lifetime, Thursdays after Project Runway.

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