Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chelsea's wedding

Doesn't Chelsea look beautiful and glowing and classic in her Vera Wang gown?
Couldn't you almost get a little teary? And look at that bouquet. So lovely.
I wish them both the best.
Now, look in the back there at that bizarro hot pink gown that fades down the skirt with the smattering of flowers tumbling down, and the weird shoulder pieces. That is Hillary Clinton, and that is a mess.
Here's the thing. I greatly respect Hillary as a political force and a business woman. She's brilliant, but she can't dress to save her life, and she has never had a haircut that didn't either make her look like Mamie Eisenhower or your ninth grade female gym teacher.
Hillary needs a gay man. No, seriously. I understand that she's never going to be Iman or even Sarah Jessica Parker, but appearance is important. If Hillary had a gay man to make her over, make her more approachable, softer, more stylish, more youthful, more. . .
Wait a minute! I have the greatest idea of all time!
Let's call Austin and Santino! They could go "On the Road" to Washington or New York or wherever Hillary is right now. They could make her a dress! They could get her a hair style!
Going to the Lifetime site to see if they have a nomination form for the show.
I'm just sorry I didn't think about this before the wedding.


  1. I agree Hillary's gown is pretty bad, but what about that shapeless potato sack beside her? I had no idea burlap came in gunmetal!

    Oh, wait.... it's not a formal hospital gown is it?

  2. I do agree, Chelsea looks stunning in that gown! And Hilary, sigh .....