Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Intriguing products: Booty Pop

I was at a show all weekend, which means that I also got up at unusual and ungodly hours on Saturday and Sunday morning. You get some really weird TV at five AM on a Sunday morning, so I found myself watching an infomercial for the Booty Pop while I guzzled coffee and tried to get my perky on.

Booty Pop is a padded bum undie sort of thing, like a push-up bra for your behind. It gives you J-Lo curves. It makes you more womanly. Men will notice you more. You can fill out those jeans the way a girl ought to. It's fashionable. It's flirty. It's fun. All fashion emphasis is now on the booty. It's a necessity for your well-being and happiness!

Here's why I want one: I spend hours a day sitting on my hard living room floor, either working or making jewelry. Booty Pop's padding might help with the calluses that are starting to form on my booty. It's utilitarian in my case, in addition to adding to my. . . bootyliciousness.

They're missing a marketing angle here. "Do you spend hours a day sitting on a hard, uncomfortable surface? Booty Pop will decrease your discomfort!"

Booty Pop. What is this world coming to?


  1. LOL! Too funny, although I could probably use one!

  2. I'm not sure a fun, flirty, perky, 20-year-old-looking booty would fit with the rest of my saggy, droopy, nearly-50-year-old body. I think I'll pass. Oh - and I don't sit on the floor any longer either - can't get back up!

    What is the world coming to, indeed!