Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My summer McRomance

Ah, medium mocha McFrappe. How I love you.
So cold, so full of sugar and caffeine. So simple to procure.
You have filled my summer with joy and hyperactivity.
Even the one time, when the drive-thru girl accidentally dropped you,
And you spilled all down the side of my car, I didn't care.
She upsized me to a large for free.
And it rained soon after and washed away the mess.
Ah, medium mocha McFrappe. Your name is so alliterative.
Promise me you won't leave once the McSummer is over.


  1. It's funny I just wrote about my addiction (Hershey Bliss), guess I know what yours is. :0)

  2. 7/11 used to have a strawberry concoction that they introduced about ten years ago. It was like a strawberry slushie, only it was made from real strawberries and one of the ingredients was condensed freaking milk.

    They discontinued it about a year after it was introduced. Ten years and I still crave the things every summer.

  3. Ack, now you've gone and inspired a craving. However, I prefer the caramel. =P