Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's MAB making? Making the old new again

Vintage pocket knife necklace, with a sweet little wing charm

Vintage Sarah Coventry pendant, remade into something entirely different

Vintage flat padlock key necklace, with sparkles and stones

Vintage Our Lady of Lourdes medal bracelet, with pretty turquoise cathedral beads

Vintage metal perfume bottle pendant, with black and deep red crystals

Vintage carved mother of pearl pendant, with vintage beads

Bold brass leaf necklace, with vintage chain and crystals
A lot of these materials came from my junk sale treasures a few weeks back.
I just love taking vintage and old stuff, and figuring out a way to make it new.
Oh, and mother of pearl? Almost impossible to photograph.


  1. hI MABSY. I like these big pieces. They have an edwardian flair that is so cool. Keep it up! Your work is stunning.
    More Later,


  2. Very cool pieces! The knife is a little scary, but I love the key and the perfume bottle.

  3. GAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Great minds DO think alike!!! I'm diggin' the old key! They're so interesting - what did they unlock, who used them . . . .

  4. Fun jewelry, and I like how you styled the photos!