Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's inspiration: Bead Girl

In one of my first ever online bead orders, oh so many years ago, I received this fantastic happy bead girl as an extra freebie. Since then, she has lived in my bead box, smiling, with her saucy little petal skirt and her ginormous Carmen Miranda hoop earrings.

I wish I could tell you where she came from, but it was six or seven years ago. Every time I'm in a bead rut, I get her out and prop her up on my bead board, and wait for her round orange feet to inspire me to greatness. Or something resembling greatness.
Here's to you, Bead Girl from the Great Unknown.


  1. She's a darling inspiration. I can see why you keep her around, she's just too sweet to giveaway.

  2. Ha. I have never gotten anything so good as a freebie. Sometimes when a supplier is late with an order they have sent me a couple of extra beads, but for the most part, freebies are few and far between these days. Your bead girl is very carmen esque. Behaps yee might make her a wee fruit cap?