Monday, August 23, 2010

TV! Project Runway

Aaaaaaaaaah, what a dream of a challenge! Design a garment to compliment a Philip Treacy hat. Treacy is the penultimate British hat designer of our time. Why do I love him? Look here, and remember that I have a sizeable dose of drag queen in my soul. British upper class drag queen. So, here is your winner, from Michael C. There was mucho dissent over this decision, because Michael had to ditch his first attempt, and whipped this together pretty quickly. It's not a bad dress, but I think it won because it complimented the hat without overpowering it. The fabric was a perfect choice, and the hat was fab. All of the hats were fab. I like Michael C.'s presence on the show, and his dress for last week's party store challenge was fun. Let's see what he does with a win under his belt.
And here is your losing dress, from Kristin. The hat is absolutely amazing. Look at it! Oh, geez, I want a giant orchid hat to wear to the grocery, I swear I do. Its fierceness makes me want to cry. The dress also makes me want to cry. Kristin seemed totally at odds with this challenge, and worked so hard to make something that wasn't "literal," that she made a sad, dark, strange dress that didn't do anything at all for this magnificent hat. I liked Kristin's first couple designs, but last week's showing from her was jellyfish scary, and this was the clear auf for the week. Good luck to her.
New game: Every time someone on Project Runway says "literal," you have to buy a pair of shoes. Deal? Deal.
Now, I'm going to Philip Treacy's site to do some serious cyber drooling.

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  1. Interesting! MAB, I like your commentary on the show...I'll have to rely on these since I always miss it. The first one really is gorgeous. The losing dress reminds me of the 80's and early 90's. It looks like several dresses put together with the hat plunked on top :( I'd like to see if anyone takes you up on that literal shoe-buying game :D