Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why I watch award shows, the good

The Emmys were Sunday, with host Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy is wicked adorable and sweet, and I thought he did a fine job. It looks like a tricky task, but his opening number was so cool, and he was enthusiastic and quite funny, without ever stooping to being snarky or mean. I love Jimmy Fallon. He can host my award show any time.
Now, for a brief rant. Lost didn't win anything? Seriously? Nothing? Did anyone watch last season? I know, I know, Mad Men is god or whatever. I will never watch Mad Men now. Never ever. It's personal. The finale of Lost made me cry like a hungry orphan. It was the best show ever to air on television. Yes, I yelled, and I was on the phone at the time, shouting like a psycho at the Emmys. Bah.
Also, I realized that, although I watch a lot of movies and such, I don't watch most of these shows that were nominated. I've never even heard of most of them. How I Met Your Mother? Modern Family? The Good Wife?
Onward. Fashion. Fashion is important, whether you know who any of the nominees are or not. The trends of the evening were black, white and midnight navy blue. One shouldered gowns. Borrowed jewelry. And a lot of "downdos." I just learned this term. It's the opposite of an updo. I always thought that was just a "do"? But no, and from now on, you must refer to it as a "downdo."
Let's glitz.
Sofia Vergara in Carolina Herrara

Let's just kick this off in full Latina drag queen fashion, shall we? Sofia was an exquisite, funny knock-out on the Red Carpet. I honestly have never seen her before, but she's such a sexpot. She looks like hot buttered lust, doesn't she? Tasty. And that downdo is perfection. But seriously who can get past her fantastic boobs?

Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward
Oh, my goodness. Kelly Osbourne, that poor girl who was subjected to bizarre reality television as a child, and reacted by wearing bad clothes and mutilating her hair, now looks like a dark and lovely goddess. I'm not crazy about the diamond shaped pattern on the bottom of this dress--it reminds me of chenille bedspreads, actually. But I love the way Kelly looks in this dress, yes? Soft and goth-licious. If we can say "downdo," then I can say "goth-licious"!

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta
Tina is never going to be a clothes horse, but her entire look here is just lovely. Most ladies steer away from any kind of print on the Red Carpet, but this suits her so well. The strong ponytail and the Sixties styled make up are delicious. This is the best she's ever looked, and she's showing a confidence in the high end clothing that she can't usually muster. She looks as smart as she is. Bravo.

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta
I love this girl. I think she has the most strikingly beautiful face. Any time I've seen her interviewed, she's enthusiastic and charming. She can sing her heart out. And she's totally pulling off this complicated, grown up dress. The hair was retro fab, and her makeup was stunning. Plus, check out that necklace from Lorraine Schwartz. Lorraine provided a metric ton of gorgeous loaned jewelry for the stars at the Emmys. I'm going to do a blog post on her in the near future, so stay tuned. And don't stop believing.

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen
Dear readers, everyone hates this dress, and I don't get it. The fit was a little off on her, but damn, now that's a gown. I love the hardware and metal and glitter up around the face. She looks like a medieval queen about to do some serious battle or drink some meade. I think her hair is perfect, but a gold killer shoe would have been fantastic. This is the dress I wanted to wear. Rest in peace, McQueen.

Emily Deschanel in Max Azaria Atelier
This is just grapey and drapey and feminine. Another dress that got some flak, but I love the daring color and the beautiful tiers. So many people play it safe in black or white or navy. Others go completely berserk and look like homecoming parade floats. This is a color and design that stands out and works for her. Yum. And I'm loving the serious bangs.

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrara
This little girl from Glee somehow pulls off a dramatic couture lace dress and $1.5 million in vintage Cartier jewelry. Go, Cheerio! I am absolutely mad about the bustline on this gown. Wonderfully feminine. She looks like a Disney princess with an edge. Or like one of those $600 Barbies for adult collectors, right? But can you imagine having to give back the Cartier at the end of the night? I would cry and refuse and go on a tri-state fleeing binge that would end up live on CNN.

Juliana Margulies in L'wren Scott
Juliana is rocking one of the big trends of the evening--midnight blue. Yes, her head does look a little too large for her body, but that's because this dress makes her ideally long and lean, and the sparkles look like money, don't they? Loving the beautiful, wavy hair, too. Oops, sorry, loving her "downdo."

Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier
I adore this dress, the color, the simplicity of design, the luxe fabric. Her golden hair is amazing (yes, in a "downdo"). She loves her husband. She won an Emmy. How happy does she look? I want to hang out with Kyra and Kevin. Maybe they could adopt me.

Claire Danes in Armani Prive
Remember Claire from My So-Called Life? I got that series from Netflix not too long ago, and had a good cry watching her character, Angela Chase, navigate the barbarism of suburban high school with Ricky and Rayanne. Anyway, here she is, incredibly gorgeous. Perfect dress, perfect hair, so much prettier than even Jordan Catalano. Oh, and the dress is valued at $100k. Seriously. And it looks like it. Best dressed of the evening.
Stay tuned for the bad! And there was some serious bad.


  1. You should be paid to write these reviews! Seriously you are that good, informative and entertaining!

  2. Ok first off, I can't wait for the bad- but I'm like that and secondly I agree with your astute reviews here and feel obligated to add: Anna + McQueen = fabulous who doesn't like that? I want their address...

  3. It was a pretty good year for dresses. I really loved Kelly Osbourne's dress! I'm a huge Breaking Bad and Mad Men fan so I was happy with results. Although Lost should have received more recognition! I don't watch the other shows myself so I was sort of clueless there! I loved, loved, loved My So Called Life. Claire Danes has been one of my favorites since that program. I still watch Romeo and Juliet from time to time with her and Leo.