Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Pretzel Festival weekend

It's the most wonderful festival of the year, the Germantown Pretzel Festival, full of fun, music, food and people who hopefully want to buy jewelry. Yay! If you happen to be in Southwestern Ohio this weekend, stop on by and see us. We'll be set up across from the bandstand.

Oh, and how will you be able to find MAB? Easy! Mom and I will be wearing our fab MAB pins, made all special for me by the creative genius, HappyKATT. The weather's going to be beautiful, and there's a funk band on Saturday afternoon. Happiness.

I'll catch up with y'all on Monday. Have fun this weekend. And be good. No fighting, no biting.


  1. Aww, thanks MAB! Have a great time and make lots of sales but, please, not too many pretzels.

  2. Oh wow, wish I was going! Is that Germantown in Columbus?

  3. Jane, no, it was a festival in the town of Germantown, Ohio. But I've been to Germantown in Columbus, to the schnitzel house!

    Beth, it was fun, and I even made some money money!