Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TV! Project Runway

On last week's Project Runway, our designtestants had to make. . . something for some reason. . . Wait! They had to make a sort of avant garde garment based on a type of L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow for an "advertorial."

One moment whilst I rant about something totally unrelated. Words like "webinar" and "advertorial" cause me to lose my grammatical temper and break out in hives. Sure, I'm okay with "brunch" being a breakfast/lunch hybrid. But "advertorial"? No. No no and no. It's an ad. With ad copy. Trying to sell something. There's not really any torial to it. And if it's an avant garde outfit, would that make it an avantadvertorial?

So, Mondo won for the dress above, and it's pretty. . . Oh, wait again. There was a twist to the eyeshadowvertorial challenge. They had to make a ready to wear garment to go with the avant garde item. And they had to make it out of live sparrows, barbed wire and chewing gum. Okay, I made up that last part there.
Which again makes me think that they want these poor designers to churn out ugliness. This was the first challenge all season, I think, where they were given two days to accomplish something, and making a convincing avant garde outfit takes a bit of time, right? To then come in and add an additional look, made out of birds, fencing and gum at that, without giving them more time is just asking for disaster. And if you want disaster, look at this losing dress by Ivy. Ivy has to be one of the most unpleasant contestants ever on Project Runway. Her voice made me twitchy, and her superior attitude was most loathesome. However, I sympathize with all of them at this point, even if Ivy didn't use a single sparrow. She's been on borrowed time since the group challenge, when she made that sucky ensemble with the great grandma vest. I'm sure she'll be a big load of fun on the reunion show though.
In the previews for this week, someone is cheating?! Cheating I say. Good heavens, I hope it's Gretchen-Gretched. Did you see her dress last week? It's what Stevie Nicks will wear in the old person's home, when they go on a field trip to the Ren Faire.
Adventorial--an editorial about Advent! Bah!

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  1. Love the show and love the stevie nicks comment. I can barely dress myself with what I have let alone make costumes such as these. Barbed wire?! HA