Monday, September 6, 2010

Random holiday weekend wrap up

Believe it or not, sometimes technology and I do not get along. Yesterday, I went to my brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner. They have some kind of flowering shrub or bush blooming at the corner of their house. (Yeah, I don't get along with plants very well, either. Trust me, it's either a bush or a shrub. With flowers.) The blooms were covered with three or four species of butterflies and moths, as well as several kinds of bees. It was absolutely amazing. There must have been thirty different buggies buzzing on these flowers. So, I got out my cell phone and took pictures. Yay! I made the phone camera work. I intended to download (or upload or something) these pictures onto my computer today so I could show them to you. Only, I can't get the phone and computer to talk to each other. I could take a picture with my regular camera of the phone picture on the phone screen, but it wouldn't have the same effect. After fifteen minutes of trying to convice the computer to converse with the phone, or vice versa, I admitted defeat and unhooked them. So, close your eyes and imagine the beauty of these lovely insects communing with each other, enjoying the late summer nectar of the flowers, because you will never ever get to see the wonderful pictures I took.

Today, I watched the 2009 movie, Julie and Julia. It's not really my kind of movie--no gangsters, decapitations or hauntings, but it was very sweet and smart, and I laughed a few times. Streep was so fun as Julia Child. Is there nothing she can't do? Overall, I found it quite inspiring, to be honest. These two women found their own ways, through their talents, charms and smarts, to make themselves happy and successful. I came away from the movie wanting to do something wonderful, so I guess that's a pretty great testimony for a fun little film.

And finally I've been listing vintage jewelry like a psycho in my GUSsupply shop on Etsy. It's only right that Gus should help, right? Here, he has turned an attached box lid into a sort of kitty settee, perfect for lounging and fluffing and overseeing whatever the heck Mama is doing in the shop that is Gus's namesake. He's as inspirational as Julie and Julia!
I hope your weekend was full of happiness and relaxation.


  1. Love your little helper :)

    I thought the movie was very well done too. Meryl Streep is so amazing and I think Amy Adams is going to be a big star too, loved her in June Bug.

    Sorry you didn't ge to upload your photo but I can see it (Bush/Shrub) now teeming with life :)

    Have a lovely Evening, T. :)

  2. I'm laughing! I recently picked up the book Julie and Julia at the thrift store and can't wait to read it. Meryl Streep is amazing but I want to read the book first!!!

    Gus reminds me of my little Emmett. He's always up in my business and lays on any object he can find!