Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TV! Project Runway

Last week's episode of Project Runway had the highest ratings ever in all of Runway history! Is it because of the amazing garments being constructed? Of course not! It's because of the previous week's group challenge drama. See, like I've said before, we all love watching creative people crank out designs with ridiculous materials under unbelievable time constraints, fueled solely by gyros and egg drop soup, yes. But what we really love is unabashed, televised bitchery!

So, this week was a "real woman" challenge, where the designtestants had to rework dreadful bridesmaids dresses into something wearable. The dresses are up there, and they make me twitchy. I dropped out of being a bridesmaid once because I could not bear to wear the peach tafetta tuba-shaped dress with the sailor collar. The happy couple got divorced a couple of years later, absolving me of all guilt, right?

Also, I feel bad for the women in the "real women" challenges. TLo also mentioned this over on their blog. The professional models sign up for this gig, and are competing for a spread in Marie Claire magazine and maybe some money. These poor "real women" are just picked up somewhere because they were once forced to wear a really ugly dress they didn't choose at a formal occasion. Inevitably, there is talk about these ladies' shapes, sizes, personalities, and taste levels. I would not be in a hurry to sign up, would you?

Here is your winning dress, from Michael C. Yes, that Michael. The one that all of his team members from last week completely dismissed. They said he couldn't sew, design or perhaps stand upright without assistance. And he won this week. It was worth it just to see the looks on the faces of the other designers when he walked into the lounge and said he won. The only one who congratulated him was the divine Casanova. I actually preferred Mondo's design this week, but it was sweet to see Michael C. take it, just to watch people flip out. Drama over design every single time. I admit it.

And here is your losing dress, from the sassy Peach. Egads, this is bad. I kind of knew it was her time. She was fun to watch, and everyone seemed to love her. From her bifocals resting atop her head to her sweatshirt with sunglasses embroidered on it, she was precious. This dress looks like a wilted salad mix, doesn't it? Just so not cute. The girl walked the heck out of it, and the only compliment the judges could come up with was, "Her hair looks great." If you ever decide to become a future runway contestant, just say no to peplums. Or would the plural be pepli? Goodbye, Peach! We love you!

This week, the designers construct garments inspired by Mel Gibson's angry rants! Okay, I made that up, but, judging from the previews, there will be even more arguing, accusing and general misbehavior! As Tim Gunn would say, "Thrilling!"

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  1. I love your reviews of Project Runway. I don't get to see it that often, and it's alwasys great to check out your recap.