Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage jewelry to make you drool

Center ruby at 7.25 carats
5 carats, total diamond weight

6.73 total carat weight on the emeralds
7.5o total diamond carat weight

15 carats (!) of drop cut emeralds, old emeralds, with incredible color
2.15 total weight on the diamonds
Center pear shaped diamond is. . . 4.36 carats, for real.
Total carat weight for the diamonds, 6.16
That is a 5.11 carat emerald, people.
1.50 total carat weight on the diamonds

Four carats of sapphires
9.50 carats of diamonds
$60,000.00 and worth every single penny, seriously.
Carved ivory with rose cut diamonds

18 carats total diamond weight
Georgian diamond pin
Old mine cut diamonds, 10.2 total carats, with a center diamond at 1.2 carats
$27, 500.00
If you'll excuse me, I need to go rob a bank.
A really really big old bank.


  1. holy cow! Maybe money can buy happiness.

  2. I am proud of myself for not drooling over the most expensive one :)

    But the cuff and the sapphire bracelet........I need them......which way is that bank :) T.