Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TV! Ghost Hunters

This is the flip side of Ghost Adventures, the show I wrote about yesterday. Ghost Hunters is on the SciFi channel (yes, SyFy, but I can't deal with SyFy, ick), and they also investigate haunted buildings all over the world, concentrating often on creaky prisons, cobwebbed filled asylums, and rickety rusty hospitals. However, I can take the Ghost Hunters a little more seriously. Why? What are the differences between the fellows from Ghost Hunters and the dudes from Ghost Adventures?

1. The Ghost Hunters are plumbers. Serious, blue collar plumbers with matching jackets. I find that comforting. They can fix your leaky faucet and hunt for your ghosts, all on one bill.

2. These guys are actually out to debunk ghost claims. They don't go into a situation assuming that there are spirits who are ready to fight them. They go into a situation looking for a rational explanation for whatever anomalies might appear. Sometimes, there are no rational explanations.

3. They don't use a lot of bizarro ghostly machines and gadgets that change the air into spirit voices or feed the ghosts electromagnetic Twinkies to get them all worked up.

4. They don't openly antagonize the ghosts until the ghosts whack them.

5. The Ghost Hunters very rarely refer to one another, or the ghosts for that matter, as "dude."

Seriously, this show can be interesting and believable. Usually, they're able to explain most of the weird things that occur. When they can't, though, it's a great moment. They came to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, just up the road from me, and something kept turning their flashlight off and on. Very cool.

Also, they're doing a live broadcast on Halloween, and you can watch along with a lot of worked up people online who see spooky spirit shadows and feel bad energy through their television screens. Well worth a watch. On SyyyyyyyyFyyyyyyyyyy.


  1. I've argued with people before that scifi is pronounced 'syfy' not 'sciffee' (idiots) so maybe that's why they changed the spelling? Ah, who knows.
    Plumbers as ghost hunters, eh? Have you ever read Will Storr vs The Supernatural? Brilliant, brilliant book, and I'm sure the first guy he goes to visit is also a plumber come ghost hunter - perhaps there's something in the plumbing personality that makes an interest in ghosts? Knocking in the pipes perhaps? Lol

  2. I dig Ghost Hunters and GHI most of all the supernatural shows. While the boys can definitely be silly at times, I like that they make an effort to find rational explanations about things.