Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TV! Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is a show on the Travel Channel that features these three fearless ghost hunting dudes--Zak, Nick and Aaron--as they investigate allegedly haunted buildings all over the world, especially favoring creaky old prisons, asylums and hospitals. They research the hauntings, and then get locked down overnight with infra red cameras, and spooky special ghost voice recorders, and EMF stuff, and other specialized gadgets.
Okay, I have to say that this show entertains the stuffing out of me. Why? Because these guys crack me up. I know that's the wrong reaction, but I can't help it. They spend the majority of their time screaming, "Dude, did you see/hear that? Did you?!" Or "Dude, something totally just touched me!" Or "Dude, this magical ghost meter is reading off the charts for invisible ghostly presence stuff." Or "Dude, I'm gonna shout at this ghost and see if I can't make it mad enough to whack you." Or "Dude, I am totally possessed by the spirit of a crazy murderer right now, and I'm 'bout to get you back for drinking the last Bud Lite last night."
Look, I have no idea if ghosts exist or not, but this show is great comedy. The way these lads approach ghosts is hysterical, and, if I were a ghost, I would absolutely steal their beer and turn their magical ghost translation machines off and on in time to "We Will Rock You."


  1. Haaa haa haa! I'd never watched Ghost Adventures, but you just inspired me to look up some clips, and I'm completely cracking up, lol! Brilliant. If I was a ghost I would definitely torment them, just to see how many 'dudes' I could get :)

  2. OMG!!!! I MUST watch this show!! I love ghost shows, and I ESPECIALLY love comical ones!

  3. So....where have you been hiding lately? hugs to you () love this show and any other ghost show that happens to be on...lol

  4. LOL! I should watch an episode of this. I get creeped out easily so I think I actually believe in ghosts! This is probably due to growing up in New England where there are many, old "haunted" homes!!!