Monday, October 25, 2010

TV! Project Runway

This was the show before the finale, and, once again, the judges narrowed it to four fighting for three spots. So, we got the home visits, and the photo above shows Tim Gunn visiting Andy's catfish farm, screaming like a girl over a fish. It was also my favorite moment of the show, possibly the season. Tim Gunn, you sexy beast, you.
Anyway, the designtestants had to whip up one last minute look, and show two additional looks from their line. I'm going to show them ranked by how much I liked them, because this is my blog, and I can do whatever the heck I want.

1. Guess who? Yep, it's Mondo. This is a polka dotted evening gown. His inspiration is Latino culture, including Day of the Dead and circus inspirations. His clothes are so fresh, graphic and youthful, and you can see that he has fun creating them. There was a pink sugar skull handbag in this mini-collection that I wanted to reach through the TV screen and snatch. The man knows how to style, too, and deliver a total look. Seriously, if Mondo somehow doesn't win this season, Project Runway is hopelessly broken, and deserves to be deserted by all of us.

2. Andy. I'm basically giving Andy second place by default, and because he tried to get Tim Gunn to pet a catfish. This pleated green dress was the design he created at the last minute, and it really was the best thing he showed in his mini-collection. Also, not to spoil anything, but there are allegations buzzing around that he may have exactly copied designs from a Japanese pattern book for his final collection. Not cool. Still, I like this dress, the pleating his lovely, but overall he has some fit issues, and seems to be stuck on the shiny, tight and short thing a little too much.

3. Michael. This was also Michael's last minute design, and it moved beautifully on the runway. His three looks were a little overdesigned, in the Dynasty realm, and didn't break any fashion ground, really. At least they were interesting to look at and looked expensive. Michael was eliminated, and proceeded to have an absolute emotional meltdown on the runway. I felt terrible for the guy, even though a lot of other people thought he was (a) showing unprofessional weakness or (b) outright faking to get more camera time. His reaction made me emotional because it seemed like he had based his entire future success on being one of the final three. I'm a pushover. What can I say.

4. Gretchen. Okay, I have to confess something here, for the other three designers I picked my favorite looks. For Gretchen, I picked. . . this. I didn't like anything she showed, and found the other two designs blah, brown and rumpled. This look, however. . . yowzah! Where exactly am I wearing a rigid leather blazer over dyed Depends with a pimp hat? Golden Corral on Sunday morning? The judges criticized her for designing crunchy granola clothes, but this is just madness right here. No boho vegan hipster would wear this, would they? Who would wear this? And where? Who? What? Where? Why? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
So, here is the MAB breakdown: Mondo has to win. There are rumors that he may not. If he doesn't, something terrible has happened to Project Runway. If he doesn't, I may go to the Lifetime corporate office and demand answers and a recount. Also, along with the final runway show this week, we get a reunion. Many of these people hate each other's guts, yay!
I have never seen so much drama from such middle of the road designers as we had this season. If they were all geniuses (like Mondo) and produced looks as fiery as their personalities, that would make for a great show. Instead. . . bah.


  1. Mondo is going to win, no one else is as creative as Mondo when it comes to fabrics, colors, and textures. I really loved Michael's dress, I would wear that if I had some place to go, and those legs:)

  2. I agree...Mondo. I never did have a favorite for this season, perhaps because no one really stood out to me. And, Michael....I think he just got the votes because everyone picked on him. really.