Monday, October 11, 2010

TV! Project Runway

First off, let me apologize for my sporadic posting lately. It seems like there are three thousand things going on all the time, and I never get here to blogspot. Boo.
Second off, can I ask a question? Do people start out crazy? Or do they go all psycho once the TV cameras hit them? Remember when the Brady kids went on a game show, and Jan froze every time the camera was on her? This week, we had a similar situation on Runway. The camera caused people to go insane.
Thirdly, this challenge was uber lame. Heidi Klum has an active wear line! It's high priced t-shirts and leggings for the active, despicably rich mama on the go! It's yoga clothing for the country club! It's gray and boxy and drab and blah.
Our exhausted designtestants had to design three looks each, using Heidi's existing fabrics, to fit into Heidi's line. Heidi came into the work room. Mondo got bitchy. Gretchen got bitchy. Eyes were rolled. Fabric was thrown. Heidi got that hard little face on that reminds me of the heartless predator faces of robins right before they cock their heads and pluck a worm out of the earth and chomp it.
Eliminated designers came back! Ivy accused Michael C. of cheating, sabotaging, and firing the shot at Archduke Ferdinand that started World War I. He may have also been on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963. Ivy looked like a bitter, angry little psychotic seamstress. Weird. Everyone got weird. Michael C. was more or less vindicated. Ugly clothes were made. Bah.
Above are your winning looks from Andy. It's all very Flashdance. Is this fashion?
And the most adorable Christopher went home. He seems like such a sweetheart, but it was his time. His garments look like Flashdance in need of Zoloft.
I want to see beautiful, colorful, astonishing garments! Yes, drama is fun, but I also want to be wowed. I want my socks knocked off. Not gym clothes. Not pajamas. Not sweatshirts.
Make it happen, Project Runway people!

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