Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Bristol Palin

I feel bad for Bristol Palin. Now, hear me out. I sometimes watch Dancing with the Stars. It's harmless fluff that's pleasant to have on while making jewelry. I also run about as far left as you can, while still remaining technically a Democrat. Sarah Palin causes me to scream at the television. But this really has nothing to do with politics.
Bristol, despite her unfortunate name and her immediate family situation, seems like a nice enough girl. When you think about it, she's really an unwed 20 year old mother from Alaska who was working in a doctor's office or something until she was called on to dance on national television. From what I've seen, I'm not even convinced it was her idea to be on the show. She's not a celebrity like the rest of the dancetestants, and she's been working hard and doing her thing to the best of her ability. Is she the natural dancer that Jennifer Grey is? No, but then her father isn't Joel Grey. Is she the grandmaster show person that the cutie Disney guy is? But then she's not a TV personality either. She's some girl from Alaska whose mother wants as much media coverage as possible.
Now, this situation has become political. Dancing with the Stars? Seriously? Tea party people are voting in droves to keep her on the show. Weirdos are sending her death threats and packages with white powder. People are all in a riot, in both the pro-Bristol and the anti-Bristol dance camps.
Over a TV game show. Where celebrities cha cha cha. In sequins. To the most strangely chosen songs like "The Final Countdown." If she wins tonight, expect all heck to break loose.
Thank goodness she wasn't on Project Runway.


  1. As a viewer of both programs, I agree that Project Runway would have been worse, but there is still time, LOL.

    As a dancer, I just could not vote for Bristol, but she is likeable and I understand why she gets votes from others.