Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Elvis!

My mom found this gorgeous husky last week, and brought him home. Originally, she was going to try to find a home for him, because he's gigantic and my mom thought he would be too much dog for her. Now. . . I think he may have found his place in the world. He's a sweet old baby, full of love. Whoever had him before took terrible care of him. I won't get into the specifics, because they made me cry. Let's just say that he's still in good health and has no aggression for anyone despite the way he's been treated. Bless his wolfie heart.

So, here's Elvis!

Likes: Crab rangoons, scrambled eggs, snow, bedtime, hugs and kisses
Dislikes: The vacuum, Swiffer, regular dog food, and whoever owned him before
What a gorgeous, loving pup.


  1. ((((Elvis))))
    what a lucky dog to have found your mom!

  2. What a beautiful dog! So happy he now has a loving home!

  3. Lucky Elvis! What a beautiful dog!

  4. LOVE

    And Mackie sends Elvis big husky nose kisses:

  5. aaawe lucky doggie so pretty too!!!