Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Ice Baby and required kitty pictures

We're in the midst of The Monster Storm! Yes, we are. We already have at least half an inch of ice hanging everywhere. People are sliding and crashing all over the place out there.

My pictures aren't very good, because I didn't venture any further than my front stoop. Ice makes me wimpy. Dayton, Ohio was pretty much shut down today.

The good news is. . . um, yeah. There's no good news. The second wave started up about five tonight. The news people are talking about "cataclysmic events." I'm very lucky and thankful, because I work from home. The neighbor spent half an hour chipping away at her car this morning. Nasty stuff.

It's good to be a cat. He doesn't even know what ice is. Not really. You put ice in his water to make it extra watery.

Then you turn upside down like a fluff loaf so your speckled-y lips stick out.

Do you see a kitty in this picture?
Yeah, I didn't think so!

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  1. Brrrrrr! We didn't get much snow in Colorado. But it WAS -17 this morning!!