Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pantone color trends for spring

Lavender and honeysuckle.
Beeswax and Regatta

These are the colors that Pantone says are trending for spring.
Lavender like a bursting crocus emerging from the snow.
Honeysuckle like a beautiful candy-colored lipgloss.

Beeswax, mellow yellow, rich and sweet
Regatta, the purest ocean water.
Russet, vintage and warm.

I wonder what these trending colors say about our states of mind.
Our points of view.
The blue comes from Latin American textiles, the pink from New Wave French electronica.

The purple from a 50s garden party.
Bright and earthy, peaceful and cheery.
How can these colors inspire your creations?


  1. I LOVE Honeysuckle and Regatta. I really can't believe there are like 200 people that sit in a room and decide the colours for us every 6 months, weird.

    Thanks for stopping by the other day and your really sweet words. It means so much, you are a sweetie. :)

    Hope those cats are behaving :)

    Back in January when you mentioned about the forums on Etsy changing I didn't realise they were going to be so drastic. Oh well, I guess they think that is progress. :(

    Hope you have a lovely Thursday, cheers, T. :)

  2. Love the colors! Very inspiring! I can't wait for my lavender colored crocuses to pop up! ~Val