Monday, February 14, 2011

The vintage jewelry mother lode

So, I have a friend who has a ton (and by a ton, I may literally mean a ton) of vintage jewelry and doodads. His mom used to sell it at flea markets and such, and she passed away quite awhile ago. He's been bringing the stuff by so I can sell it in my GUSsupply shop on Etsy.

Today he brought over six boxes of stuff. Little bags inside little boxes inside bigger boxes, all full of shiny stuff.

It's like an archeological dig. I never have any idea what might be in the next layer. There are three copier paper boxes, one larger flatter box, a dvd player box, and a shoebox.

I started going through them tonight, but just got overwhelmed and closed everything back up. But before I started sorting and listing, I wanted to take pictures of the boxes as they showed up at my house.

Seriously brimming with mystery and possibility, huh? Who wants to come over and play?

Yeah, Franklin likes boxes. He's helping here.
Keep an eye on my GUSsupply shop. New vintage stuff coming as soon as I start my dig!


  1. Ha ha -- such a tease to see so many wonderful old boxes. What treasures might there be in them? Inquiring kitties want to know! :)

  2. I'll be right there.

    What an AWESOME assortment of goodies - can't wait to see them all as they emerge.

  3. Wow! I want to come over and play! :)

  4. I'll come over! Wow what treasures!

  5. I can't even tell you how much I wish I was there poking through boxes with you. That looks like soooo much fun!

  6. Franklin is quite the cute assistant to help you sort through those vintage treasures. ^.^

  7. Ooooh.. so much stuff to discover in those boxes. Must be fun going through it all! ;)