Monday, April 4, 2011

I hate Facebook

Let me start out by saying that I don't even have a Facebook account, not a personal one, not a business one, not one for the kittens. No Facebook for me. Why? I don't know. I'm kind of a hermit in real life. I'm a social introvert. There are many people I love and communicate with and even socialize with. I don't need to network socially. Something about Facebook just gives me a bad case of the nopes. Plus, the last thing I need is one more place to sign in every day and check to see what I'm missing. I can't keep up with everything now!

Then, I saw the movie The Social Network. It was a great movie. Beautifully written, sharply directed with great acting and fantastic music. But what a miserable bunch of people! Geez! To think that people with such terrible social skills created this social network that now connects millions of people. The only likeable character who seemed to be having fun was Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), and he was a paranoid charlatan, more or less.

I know, I'm the only person in America between the ages of eight and eighty-eight who doesn't have a Facebook page. And that's going to have to be okay. I don't answer my cell phone when I'm driving either.


  1. If it helps, my soon to be 19-year-old sister doesn't see the point in FB either. lol She had and quickly abandoned (srsly, took her about a week) a MySpace account once, and then she was pretty done. I keep hearing that The Social Network's a great movie, but I haven't managed to muster up the interest to see it yet. Knowing you got something out of it even without being a FB fan is definitely promising, though!

  2. Wilde, it's a genius movie, it really is. The script made me very happy.
    It also made me hate Facebook more, which I thought was philosophically impossible.

  3. Facebook is an odd world. I do have a Facebook page...personal and business. It is great for the business but not interesting to me as far as personal life goes. It drives me crazy to rad someone's post such as "I am stuck in traffic" they are texting while driving?!?! It is a great place for photo sharing though. :) ~Val

  4. Agreed, I've been on FB for a year and really don't know why I bother. (I only joined after 2 friends basically begged me to) and I only use it for messaging... don't I have email for that?! haven't seen the movie, maybe I will when it's on TV some day. lol